About Us

  • Our History

    We approach cooking with an emphasis on family-style meals using simple fresh ingredients together!  You won't find water, fillers, paste, color, added sugar in our products!  That is what separates us from many of the leading brands found in the supermarkets.  

  • Meet The Family

     Joe,  Vivian, Paul, Teresa, Paul, Rob,  Perry, Michele, Devin, John Perry, Ireland, Vivian, Johnathan, Nicole, Michael, and GG are the heart and soul of the Pellegrino family.  

  • Our Vision

    Pellegrino's is more than just tomato sauce; it's breaking bread with friends and family, and sparking wonderful memories over dinner.  Our dream is to share with you the best home made marinara, in honor of our mother and grandmother, who started it all.  

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